African Only By Name

22nd October 2018 BY awakhiwe mnyandu

  Do you know what the greatest joke ever told is? It’s the one when people from abroad came and told us Africans that our tradition is funny and we laughed! Ha-ha-ha, right? It’s really not funny, truth be told, but it does make a laughable joke out of us. Imagine a people who now work so hard to escape being…


A Jungle in Africa called Love

4th July 2018 BY awakhiwe mnyandu

There is a rhythm that we dance to, we young people in Africa. It thumps like drums in the wild, always calling for us to step with somebody. Partners are plenty, styles are many and each melody sings a different promise. To dance a beautiful dance is the heart’s most fulfilling desire, but it is a treacherous wild in which we…


Are we (Africans) becoming too soft?

31st May 2018 BY awakhiwe mnyandu

We have a new breed of losers amongst us. Sadly, it often includes you and I. I worry about us Africans in particular – the many Mr. or Mrs. Excuse I’ve met. They infamously host the most glamorous Annual Pity Parties you’ll ever attend, and unfortunately we all attend one every now and then. Did you know that before your…


Me Before You – The Quest for Self-Fulfillment

17th May 2018 BY awakhiwe mnyandu

I was thinking about the life cycle of the average person and how many times they give up themselves to make way for someone else;  hence their ambitions and level of self-fulfillment remain average. You might think, well, who am I to decide that a person and their personal fulfillment is average? I’d answer by telling you that I’ve always…