Is Team Natural bad for business?

13th February 2018 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

In the recent years, we’ve all seen the movement of Team Natural going from a mere hashtag to a way of life. Women of color have traded in the pain of sitting in a salon chair for hours on end, hoping that ‘aunty‘ doesn’t burn your scalp with that ‘dark and lovely’. To nourishing their locs and basking in the freedom of their…


Robert Mugabe; from Liberator to Opressor

27th November 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

“Robert Mugabe, the African Jekyll Hyde?” On the 18th of November 2017; millions on Zimbabweans around the globe gathered to celebrate the end of an era. What seemed like an eternity finally came to an end as Robert Mubage finally stepped down as the president of Zimbabwe. But what kind of legacy has he left behind? The Liberator The former…


Feminism is an un-African Concept

31st October 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

“if you’re African, why are you a feminist?” Whenever I share my views about the lack of equality that clouds the lives of women everywhere, I’m usually met with huffs and puffs or eyes that say ‘here she goes again’. This I can dust off, I enjoy sharing my opinions with others. One thing I can’t tolerate however is ignorance,…


Is Africa ready for Drag Queens?

1st October 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

So I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the show ‘RuPaul’s Dragrace’. Not only is it the best thing to ever be on Netflix, minus the Fresh Prince – I absolutely live for this show. I always explain it as being like America’s next top model… But for drag queens. There’s runways, lip-syncs and a whole lot…


Andela: Africa’s tech initiative & How it impacts African Youth

10th September 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

“Andela, Africa’s Tech Initiative connects companies with Africa’s most talented software developers” As children of the digital age, we all know that the face of technology is always evolving. Tech names like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are constantly elevating the internet – technology game. Something like 1 in three of us have Facebook accounts which we use to network, share…


Same sex marriages in Tanzania, What’s the incentive?

25th August 2017 BY Sukoluhle Hadebe

  “..The idea of matrimony is no longer sacred“ Marriage in Africa has always been somewhat of a brow raising topic to discuss. I know for myself and others – in tune with current affairs, lacy white dresses and flowers are not the first things that come to mind. Especially in the Africa of today, marriage doesn’t necessarily mean safety…