Fulani People History

2nd June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

The Fula people or Fulani or Fulɓe (Fula,French,Peul, Hausa: Fulani; Portuguese: Fula, Wolof: Pël, Bambara, Fulaw) are one of the largest ethnolinguistic groups in Africa, numbering approximately 40 million people in total. They are one of the most widely dispersed and culturally diverse of the peoples of Africa. The Fulani are bound together by the common language of Fulfulde, as…


Origin Of Calabar People

14th April 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Calabar (also referred to as ‘Canaan City’) is a city in Cross River State, coastal southeastern Nigeria. The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language[disambiguation needed] The city is watered by the Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers and creeks of the Cross River (from its inland delta). Calabar people are mainly people from the Greater Calabar…


Modern Antique: Age Old Culture meets Modern Design

11th March 2017 BY checkoutafrica

Modern antique to some, might sound like the impossible. But there’s a quote that says; “Things of quality have no fear of time”. I am sure you would agree with me then, that there’s a rare but possible chance of there being a modern antique. Such is the case with the exquisite crafts and designs by of the amazing Made In…


African Things Make Life Colourful

10th November 2016 BY checkoutafrica

This is not an understatement, African things make life colourful. Starting from our melanin to our cultural attires, we love popping colours and who doesn’t radiate in colours? So you can understand our utmost pleasure at Bellafricana when we met the founder of the African Things. She is a creative mind with a company that promotes African designs and culture in…


Welcome To Olumo Rock.

11th August 2015 BY checkoutafrica

Olumo Rock is a popular tourist attraction in the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria. It was used as a fortress by the Egba people in the early 19th century. Abeokuta Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, sits in the ancient city center of Abeokuta – a name which means “Under the rock”. Abeokuta was…


CheckoutAfrica Interviews The Designer Of Lumumba Revolution.

22nd June 2015 BY checkoutafrica

CheckoutAfrica Interviewed the owner of Lumumba Revolution and here is what she had to say. My real name is Maria-Yvette Winters, but I prefer to be called LUR (Lumumba Revolution) My passion for clothes started about 15 yrs ago when I was living in Helsinki. With a closet with full of clothes i still was having a hard time finding…



4th June 2015 BY checkoutafrica

The Yoruba people  are an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin in West Africa. The Yorùbá constitute over 35 million people in total; the majority of this population is from Nigeria and make up 21% of its population,making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. The majority of the Yoruba speak the Yoruba language which is…