The UK Launches It’s First Official Afrobeats Chart

28th July 2020 BY Zinitha

Adesope Olajide is a dynamic broadcaster and entertainment personality with a world of experience hosting sports and entertainment television/radio programmes, live events and panels. With over 15 years of media experience, Adesope has been at the forefront of promoting African popular culture (Music, Dance, Film & Fashion) in the UK – This includes lead anchor roles on TV and radio…


Paul Kagame Elected As Chairperson To Lead African Agenda 2063

17th February 2020 BY checkoutafrica

The African Union has elected President Paul Kagame as the new chairperson of one of it’s new agencies which will drive the continent towards its 2063 Agenda. The Africa Agenda 2063 has seven aspirations and they are as follows: A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development; politically integrated continent on ideals of Pan-Africanism and Africa renaissance; governance,…


BIDHAAR x CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt Competition: Bringing Africa Together Through Art.

23rd September 2019 BY Ivor Moyo

The recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa against nationals from other African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and much more inspired this BIDHAAR and CHECKOUT AFRICA T-Shirt design competition. So, you may be wondering what is Xenophobia? It means “extreme hatred, dislike or fear of foreigners, their customs, religions, or anything that is seemingly strange”. The word which was…


Nicolas Pepe Becomes Most Expensive African Player

8th August 2019 BY Meli

With his pending move from Lille to London’s Arsenal side, Nicolas Pepe becomes Africa’s most expensive football player anywhere in the world. Moving to the English Premier League after spending two seasons at Lille, the skilful winger from Ivory Coast whose record stands at 35 goals in 74 Ligue 1 appearances, signed a five-year deal worth $89m, making him the…


African Union Launches world’s biggest free trade deal

8th July 2019 BY checkoutafrica

At the African Union Summit in Niger, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari launched the African Continental Free Trade Area by signing the continent’s largest economy onto the deal. After months of reluctance over competition concerns, Nigeria’s support gives weight to forming the world’s largest free trade zone — a 55-nation bloc worth $3.4 trillion. Only 16% of international trade by African…


Sudanese Protesters Are Returning to the Streets

4th July 2019 BY Meli

As the international media coverage of the Sudanese protests begins to die down, the spirit of the protesters is yet to waver as they take back to the streets in the remembrance of all those who were killed during the protests. Amid a now long internet blackout, and deadly crackdowns that spurred a #BlueforSudan social media campaign which saw people…


Why do beauty brands not market to Women Of Colour?

4th July 2019 BY Ivis Ngwenya

So I recently came across a statistic which states that “black women are the biggest spenders on makeup and beauty products of any demographic in the world, outspending caucasian women by 6 times. In the USA alone, they spend $7.5 billion on beauty annually despite being only 13.7% of the female population.”   So my question to you is why do…


South Africa Announces Equal Pay for its Women National Football Team Ahead of FIFA World Cup

31st May 2019 BY Meli

With the Women’s FIFA World Cup tournament just around the corner, South Africa just announced that its women’s national team, the Banyana Banyana, will for the first time receive the same pay as their male counterparts. South Africa’s Football Association is putting their money where their mouth is, and making history by not only sending it’s women’s team to the…


Nigerian Sprinter Divine Oduduru Breaks 100m Record

17th May 2019 BY Meli

While most know him for his ” I never experrred it” meme which went viral, Nigerian sprinter, Divine Oduduru is now the worlds fastest man as he beats the world record holder for 100m. Running for Texas Tech University, the 22-year-old Oduduru beasted in the 100m race, setting a time of 9.99 seconds in the finals to earn his school…