Djebli Club, a Morrocan Dream Coming True

4th November 2017 BY Kaoutar Hrari

I have always admired people who pursue their dreams, be it small or immense. If it were not for his dream, I would not have known him.

Living the dream

Allae HAMMIOUI, 35 years young, Moroccan, ex-computer engineer, founder of Djebli Club.

 A la Alexander Supertramp, in search for the harmony of life, this young man left a career in Paris to answer to the call of motherland and nature. So, he decided to raise a crowdfunding to finance his dream project.  The raised money served mainly to acquire the shares of his uncles, heirs to the land on which Djebli Club is built.


Djebli Club is an ecological artistic residence and touristic project. It is located in Mokrissat, Ouezzane, Northern region of Morocco; a region known for its mountains, cold weather, and rich lands.

Volunteers from Morocco and abroad, local people and friends, all together put a brick on the walls of this project. Allae and the others fabricated the bricks by themselves using traditional hand-made bricks, locally known by “Toubia”. Along with the hand-made raw materials, the decoration of the residence comes from recycled materials such as wood.

The club consists of two dome-shaped buildings, two rooms, camping space and more to be built. As well, an area of the land is dedicated to permaculture. Yes, Allae Hammioui thought about it all. He grows his own veggies, fruits and chicken.

What’s in it for the locals?

During an event, I met with Allae and I asked him whether such project would harm the lifestyle of the local people as the region is quite isolated from the urban area and conservative. “On the contrary, he said, this project will open the eyes of the locals to other perspectives”.

It is true that the region is rich in landscapes. However, it is often overlooked compared to its most famous neighbouring city: Chaouen. Allae and the locals often see tourists stop at their village to rest and hit the road right back.

Consequently, through this project, Allae intends to promote the region, in particular, to attract tourists and lovers of nature and hiking as well as to give the locals the opportunity to learn more, to acquire more skills and to know more about the other world. Two birds, one stone.

To stay at Djebli Club

Djebli club, taking into consideration its capacity, is open for everyone with time to spare, experience to share and skills to pass on in exchange of accommodations. A guest in the Club has to spare a couple of hours per day to pass on what s/he knows, be it music lessons, recycling, yoga, teaching languages, tutoring or anything else in favour of the local people.

Still, the Club is also open for guests willing to pay for the accommodations, never mind the exchange.


As of today, Djebli Club organised many events in the region. Starting from a fundraiser for school supplies for students, providing supplied for 130 students compared to 75 students in 2016.

Moreover, the Club helped two brilliant girls, who would have wasted their competence in an unsuitable training, to obtain two full scholarships to a private university.

Also, Djebli Club held its first edition of Djebli Camp, organizing workshops in different domains in favour of the local people.

As well, the club held many workshops on ecology and human rights for the locals.

Ps. If you are still wondering what “Djebli” stands for, Djebli refers to a male living in the mountains North of Morocco; Djeblia refers to a female living in the mountains; Djbel/Jbel is the Moroccan Arabic for “mountain.”