From Youtube Clips To Celebrity Designs: The story of Eugene d’wise

8th April 2019 BY Bobby

Who is Eugene d’wise, fashion designer?

People today have a chance to self-make and change their situation, taking with them those around them.  There is a revolution of innovation and self-invention like no other time in history. To keep the revolution going and to inspire, stories of those who take a leap of faith need to be shared. Eugene d’Wise is a great example of a self-driven individual who is changing his situation. Asare Okai Samuel Eugene is an emerging fashion designer from Ghana. Impressively, he taught himself to sew through online tutorials. Now he is on the way to the top.
After a successful completion of a three-year Business course in Ofori Panin Senior High School in 2014, he planned to focus on his dream on becoming a fashion designer. First, he started with sewing tutorials via Youtube and a few other websites. After the self-start, he gradually gained some experience from his uncle and mother, who are involved with fashion design. Currently, he balances his design with his three-year HND Marketing at Accra Technical University, Ghana. Yes, you can study and self-create! He chose to follow his passion, exploring the fashion industry, running events on campus through a drive to stand-out.

His successes and challenges

“Studying Marketing and working at the same time is extremely tedious but I’m heavily determined to meet my goals. I would like to become a Marketer and a Fashion Icon ”
d’Wise received excellent reviews when he designed a GTP gown for Libby Dsane in the Miss Malaika 2018 pageant and made an impact for his signature African print (Ankara) jacket. He has already worked with celebrated personalities in the country; the likes of renowned Ghollywood/Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim, Fashion and media icon Anita Akua Akuffo, Diana Antwi Hamilton, Irene Logan, amongst others have all shown their support.
He was Recently picked to be the official costumier for  Gospel songstress, Lady Prempeh in her latest music video ‘Enka Ho Da’. This  has created even more interest in his designs. The impressive thing is, he has been showcasing similar outfits since the start of his sewing journey; a true example of dedication and consistency.
Its not all rainbows and sunshine for Eugene. He strives to produce unisex designs but due to limited time, currently focuses on female fashion. Although, he is looking to release some male designs soon. He also struggles with investment, like most self-starters. There is also the high market costs of fabrics and other accessories he needs for production, which stretches his already limited resources.
Unfortunately, d’Wise’s struggle is one of many in the Ghanaian creative arts industry which is full of young talent looking for a small amount of support. Hopefully, at this point, your heartstrings have been tugged, and you find yourself wondering how to help. Start by spending a little more on a designed outfit, rather than a ready-made outfit. Highstreet brands come cheap but they are stifling young talent.

The future is full of potential

“I urge the government (as a concerned citizen and not a spectator) to invest more in fashion and other trades. They need  to organise recuperative programs to train interested persons in their preferred fields. I strongly believe if Ghana is to keep growing, the creative arts industry has a major hand in the manifestation of that dream.”
In talking about his future, he disclosed he wants his brand to become a household name in Ghana and beyond. He also stated that he would want to create a bigger production to help discover and train talents; all in the hopes of building a stronger industry.
Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @eugenedwise and on Facebook: Eugene d’Wise