Exciting New Zimbabwean Novel now Available on Amazon

14th June 2018 BY Ivor Moyo

Pashena, the recently-published coming-of-age tale of a society in transition based on author Shingi Mavima’s personal experiences growing up, is now available on Amazon.

About the Book: Set in the Dangamvura township of Mutare, Zimbabwe during the 1990s, Pashena chronicles the growing experiences of a group of primary school boys. This semi-autobiographical tale follows the main protagonist, Shingi, and his friends as they discover and navigate their love for football, community, and each other.
Through the lens of their beloved dirt field, Pashena, the boys find themselves at the center of a society transforming at the hands of AIDS, poverty and a faltering economy. More than anything, however, Pashena is a story about growth, friendship, loss, and endurance.
Contact info:
Interview with author about book: http://sigmalambdabeta.com/blog/2018/06/11/shingimavima/
Author email: shingimavima@gmail.com website: www.shingimavima.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mavimapoetry
Buy Pashena now on Amazon: http://a.co/0gNP1Q5

About the Author: Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Shingi Mavima is an author, scholar, and philanthropist. Shingi is a PhD candidate in the African American and African Studies program at Michigan State University, having graduated from Grand Valley State University and Penn State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Masters of International Affairs respectively.
Shingi’s first edited anthology, Homeward Bound, was published in 2012. The poetry collection also featured the works of four other Zimbabwean poets. In 2015, his first full length and solo anthology, Mirage of Days Old, came out. And now, Pashena is here!
Away from the books, Shingi is the co-founder and director of CLUBHOUSE International, a community based organization that works with schoolchildren in Zimbabwe.