Idia Aisien Launches NGO The International Development Initiative in Africa (IDIA) Project

26th November 2018 BY checkoutafrica

ARISE TV News Anchor, model, and philanthropist, Idia Aisien, has
officially launched an NGO that is especially close to her heart – the
International Development Initiative in Africa (IDIA).

Many people know Idia as the glamorous personality on their TV screens,
but what few know is that she has always been passionate about giving back
to the continent, and has been doing so for many years, albeit, silently.
However, she has now decided to officially launch the NGO because of she
desires to effect change on a massive, sustainable scale.

The IDIA Project was founded based on the premise that more people have
access to various media channels, and viewer engagement online is growing
rapidly. However, most of the content is negative—depicting natural
disasters, political instability, recession, and economic downturn.

The International Development Initiative in Africa seeks to attract
increased investment, capital flow and funding; by instilling hope and a
renewed faith in Africa through providing an Africa-owned framework and
the narrative for development. Standing as the continent’s media partner and
platform to showcase its progress at regional and international levels
through our reports.

IDIA’s mission is to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and
development, integrate Africa in the world economy and accelerate the
empowerment of women, men, and children by telling the other half of the

To this end, they will showcase Africa’s commitment to good governance,
democracy, human rights and conflict resolution; and the recognition of
bodies that are creating exemplary platforms that will increase
employment, attract investment and long-term economic growth.

Watch the trailer about the initiative:

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