MR EAZI, An Exclusive 5 Minute Interview with the Superstar

3rd September 2017 BY Meli

You have probably heard of him by now, and if not; you have certainly heard his music.

MR EAZI is the uprising international superstar out of Nigeria by way of Ghana. Rising to stardom on the back of his hit singles ‘Skintight’, ‘Hollup’ and ‘Legover’; recently, the Afrobeat singer was featured as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist of the month, which saw billboards of MR EAZI placed all over the world, including an interview with Julie Adengua on Beats1 Radio and a live performance of the Nigerian singers breakout hits.

With his Life is EAZI Culture festival here in the U.K. fast approaching, MR EAZI took over our Instagram stories to give us an exclusive interview.

Q: First of all. Congratulations on the success so far. What would you say you have most enjoyed about your journey to stardom?

A: I think like, the best things i’ve enjoyed is the free stuff. I get free stuff. Free clothes, free shoes, free cars, free everything man.

Q: How do you feel about the influence of Afrobeat in mainstream music now?

A: I feel the influence is a worldwide thing. It’s a great time for African music; but people need to buy the music and turn out for concerts so that the world can know that this not a joke thing. This is a 1billion size thing, you understand?

Q: We definitely understand. Who is MR EAZI’s favourite artist right now?

A: My favourite artist right now is Shatta Wale. Yeah, Shatta Wale. Dancehall king from Ghana. Worldwide.

Q: You’re about to play your own festival here in London. What would you say is your favourite and least favourite thing about the city?

A: Erm. What’s my favourite thing? I think favourite thing is the accent, but i’m not going to copy that one. And my least favourite thing is the weather. Yeah, the weather. Me, I don’t like cold.

Q: Yeah, London get’s very cold. You have a very unique yet exciting style. Especially the amazing hats. What would you say inspires your fashion choices?

A: I think for me, the major fashion inspiration is just like how I feel. You know, how I feel. That’s how it is man, nothing long. I’m just inspired by how I feel day on day.

Q: And for our bonus questions. What is MR EAZI’s favourite meal?

A: Anybody that follows me on Snapchat knows that my favourite meal is Dodo. Some nice Dodo and fried egg. Give me that like 1 millions times a day. I haven’t eaten that since I’ve came to London though.


MR EAZI will be headlining at his Life is Eazi Culture Festival at the RoundHouse on the 23rd Sept. Make sue to book your tickets now and stay tuned to the CheckoutAfrica Instagram page for some giveaways.

Mr Eazi Life is Eazi Culture Fest

We want to extend a massive Thank You to MR EAZI.