“One Mans Dream Unlocks Many Doors.”

14th October 2017 BY Ruvimbo Togara


I recently got the opportunity to sit down and talk to an amazing young man doing big things in Australia for the Culture. I hadn’t met this individual prior to the day of this interview so I was a bit nervous. But it’s as if when I met him that fear I had in the back of my mind disappeared… I was excited to meet someone chasing their dream.  With that said I would like to formally introduce you to the man that is…


You might be wondering who this young man is? What he’s about and what exactly he is doing to represent African’s within the nation of Australia.  Well I’m about to unveil just how inspirational this individual is. Stay with me…

wāni is a Congolese born New Zealand raised; Producer, Director, Curator and Spoken word artist residing in Melbourne Australia actively pursuing his dream. He is passionate about Afro-Decent and Highlighting the voices of  African’s through various medias. wāni is a story teller connecting African’s through his stories. Having lived in many nations around the world and frequenting Africa He has seen a need to represent Africa in a positive light.



I asked wāni what inspires him to do what he does.. His response was; his love for black people and his deep desire to express his love for African culture. What amazes me is that this young man has chosen to go after his dreams, it all started with the art of spoken word and then more doors opened.  I did ask him what it was like to breakthrough the barrier of following his creative dream with African parents wanting their child to be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. . . There was battle a fighting for his dream but his parents gave him the blessing to follow it and to remember  to  always stay grounded and to remember keep his principles.


Photo Credit: Mette Kortelainen


” Know what you are doing if for and your purpose needs to be strong and always remember to stay grounded. ”  He also said “ have FUN.. Life is too serious.”

So as I conclude this Piece I hope you’ve been left inspired to go after your dream/s. Because who knows what other doors that your dreams could unlock. It all started with wāni’s willingness to step out and use one gift that eventually unlocked many more doors for him. If wāni can do it I’m positive that whatever dream you have its not out of reach. YOUR DREAM is VALID. Your dream is your key.


You can check out wāni on:

Instagram:  Wani.lefrere

Website: https://wanilefrere.com