Pro Monate; Professor of fun

31st July 2020 BY Ivis Ngwenya

We’re halfway through the year and you’re still haven’t hopped on to the amapiano hype?? Why?? Clearly you need to expand your music palette and I know just the person to give you a head start – Pro Monate. His music is nothing but good vibes, good energy and just overall fun.

What I love most about amapiano is the fact that the music is so free, nothing compares to this genre and I think that’s why over the last two years we’ve seen it grow to become a global phenomenon, people now play amapiano in U.K clubs and motives, there is at least one amapiano song in every Soundcloud DJ’s playlist and it honestly warms my heart. I have waited so long for SA music to receive the attention it deserves and Pro Monate is one of those people making it happen with his hit track Gigaba and his latest single Areyeng da!

Have you always been into amapiano? 

Yeah, because I’m born and raised in Pretoria so that kind of a sound has always been of our culture and everything we have listened to growing up – it’s always been that kind of music, the one that fits into that music scene. So, yeah definitely!

Did you always know amapiano was going to be this big?

I mean the sound itself, it’s not music you would literally hear every day on the radio, cause it was mostly played at parties or in small circles at taxi ranks so I never expected that it would grow to be this big and be level with gospel music in terms of how it sells and how it’s. So its definitely been a surprise!

What sets amapiano apart from other genres? 

Because amapiano is more of a lifestyle, in the sense of just having to put out just pure energy and put it into a record, not even caring about how it’s going to sound or the content you’re going to put out on it, it’s a genre that allows you to be free and not care – like sometimes you don’t even care about the laws of music but it works. Every song is nostalgic but still fresh and new at the same time.

For those who have never heard of amapiano how would you describe it? 

Mapiano is a genre that feels free, it has a low serious drum lock – that’s one thing that I can say about amapiano. Then the thing rhythms are put on it goes with it as we say here.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words? 

Monate, Hamonate, Umonate!

How did you first get into music? 

I used to sing in choirs and sing at church – up until varsity I was just into gospel music and then I started being an MC at events and I started making music from then on just as a solo artist. Then in 2017, I entered the Trace TV Amapiano Competition and actually won it which was incredible! It was crazy! One, it was so unexpected because it was against all the pop musicians in amapiano at that time and they had all the better songs but I just put it on the people and they had enough trust in me and actually loved the music, they really came through. It was such a mind-blowing experience because I transitioned from being a bedroom artist to an actual artist, you know?

How were things for you after the release of gigaba? 

Yo, I mean gigaba came with so much success in itself and that was incredible then winning the Trace TV competition was another milestone. After that, I got signed to Vth season and that changed my life completely. Gigaba was that huge breakout song that allowed me to have a larger audience and I like how it’s going on the charts!

What does gigaba actually mean?

I use gigaba as a character, a promiscuous character to fit the song so it was more of. a character than something that you can put a meaning to.

When did you join the vth season family and how did it come about? 

I mean it’s all work man, we met up with the team and we spoke and we agreed, they believed in the crazy dreams that I had with my music and my career etc and it’s so difficult to find someone that will believe in you like that so big shoutout to them.

When did you join the vth season family and how did it come about? 

I mean, it’s pro, pro is usually used for everything that is bigger than anything – like if you’re a professional, it means that you’re the best in that field and if you’re a professor then it means you have a lot of knowledge in whatever subject you teach, then if you are Pro Monate you are the best in giving people Monate. Monate meaning fun, nice time, good vibes etc.

Who would be your favourite amapiano artist to collab with and why?

Kabza de small – he’s crazy, his work ethic is crazy and yeah he knows how to lockdown! 

Areyeng Da meaning let’s go there, where are we going exactly with this track?

Let’s go there, first, you have to understand where is there? Maybe currently right now, you feel like you’d rather be at a club than in lockdown every single day and night, and for somebody else, it may that they have to be at the hospital on the front line, for another person they may have to be there catching a huge story as a journalist but for me is it’s lets go there. As long as we’re not done with this pandemic, all we can have is our place of function which if that’s at home staying safe, then let’s go there, lets stay at home. Until we can go to our there, let’s stay there.

What are your future plans? 

For me I always want to grow, I always set myself goals because I want to be better than I was yesterday, so I’m always like 5 years from now I’m going to be here and then I work harder to a point where I’m like this is not where I need to be but I need to be THERE. In the space of 5 years, I wanna be having conversations like this, chilling in the states, Mumbai and I’m just taking interviews on the beach in my island somewhere ahahaha. As crazy as that dream can get, I am going for it. I don’t stop my imagination!

Listen to his latest single Areyeng da here;

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