Sierra Leone Disaster

23rd August 2017 BY Meli
What Happened.

A mudslide on the 14th of August devastated hundreds of properties in Freetown, the capital
of Sierra Leone. Although storms and torrential rains are common at this time of year, the
collapse of a hillside in the town of Regent (outskirts of Freetown) escalated this year’s
events to a natural disaster.

The Facts.

Over 10,000 people were initially asked to evacuate their homes and have remained
displaced. The death toll is currently around 500 with 600 people still missing. About 3000
people have been left homeless so far, which is a number set to rise along with the other

More Bad News.

Continuous rainfall is making recovery difficult. Local hospitals are overwhelmed and
mortuaries are overflowing with the dead. There are individuals still trapped in the mud and
families are still searching for their loved ones.

The ‘Good’ News.

The government has deployed armed forces into the region to aid recovery. Efforts are being
made to bury the dead. The International Organization for Migration released $150,000 in
emergency funds and the Red Cross is aiding in recovery efforts. Neighbouring African
countries have expressed their support and the UN is currently forming a contingency plan.

Our Part.

CheckoutAfrica is aiding with the fundraising efforts through our own gofundme page (see
link below). We hope to add to the recovery process as much as possible. Our thoughts and
prayers are with all families affected in this shocking disaster.