Will I Ever Be African Enough???

29th June 2017 BY checkoutafrica

On a scale of 1-10 how African do you consider yourself to be? While pre-occupied with trying to rate your ‘African-ness’ allow me to present to you a scenario. Picture in your mind a muscular, tall and well-built black man, height- close to 2 meters , clothed in a colourful dashiki, nice khaki chino pants and fine brown leather sandals making…


Miss Universe 2017 Could be an African Beauty Queen

28th January 2017 BY Meli

History in the Making: Meet Miss Sierra Leone  Meet Hawa Kamara, an African Beauty Queen contending for the title of  Miss Universe 2017.  Her beaming smile and melanin-rich complexion reminds you of just how beautiful the African woman is.  Kamara is making history as the first Miss Sierra Leone to ever compete at the Miss Universe Pageant.  Like many around the…