The Foxy Five TV, The YouTube series exploring Feminism in Africa.

9th November 2017 BY Nathan Africa


Rarely does one ever randomly stumble upon online content they did not know how they ever survived without. Well, that is exactly the kind of impact The Foxy Five TV series has. Without realizing it, one will find themselves binge watching this refreshing take on feminism.

Set in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Foxy Five is created and produced by Jabu Nadia. The series explores the lives and friendships between a group of five young women. Each of the women represents a different type of feminist and how they coexist from a comedic perspective. They have larger than life afro hairstyles and a Foxy brown style of fashion nostalgia about them. Comically poking fun at the movement itself and how people generally react to their intentions, you find yourself laughing at how relatable it feels. It resembles the humble beginnings of now successful actress and producer Issa Rae back when she started off on YouTube as well.

The series circles around very important issues faced by women and queer people in Africa. Every comedic moment is used to effectively educate the audience about the realities of being a woman in 21st century Africa. It also highlights how the same black men that they fight side by side with for racial equality also turn their backs on black women. The issues of rape and violence against women were effectively addressed with reference to how many people still use African traditions as an excuse.

The series focuses on the important topics African mainstream media does not address often like Transphobia. One memorable episode narrated just how taboo the subject still is in the minds of many people even in a democratic republic like South Africa. South Africa has one of the best constitutions in the world, however, women and queer people still face abuse and inequality in some parts of society.

It is with the creative efforts like these that the challenges feminism in Africa faces can be eradicated. It might take time for the rest of the continent to address these issues but as for South Africa this series if paving the way. One can imagine the conversations such an outstanding series would start in people’s homes if it was to be picked up by a television network.

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most efficient means to reach an audience. Even on a low budget, as long as the creativity is there one can find success by creating their own content. The internet is the best tool we can all take advantage of to change perspectives and highlight the issues we face as a continent.

Here is a link to their YouTube channel to catch up with the series, The Foxy Five TV

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