Top 5 African Instagram Accounts to Follow

6th November 2017 BY checkoutafrica

African Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is an awesome way to share experiences and moments in time. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite Instagram accounts that depicts life all across Africa

Dynamic Africa

African based media platform that provides information and stories that shows the day to day experience of people of the Africa Diaspora.

Check out Africa

CheckoutAfrica intends to promote the culture, fashion, entertainment, travel diaries, lifestyle and talent development of beautiful Africa.

Taste For Africa

Taste of Africa revolves around a food truck that tours different parts of Africa giving away food to people in different local communities.

Everyday Africa

Everyday Africa is a collective of photographers that seeks to represent an authentic depiction of daily every day life across the African continent.

Africa Show Boy

Photographer, blogger and poet Nana Kofi Acquah weaves an elaborate picture of life in Ghana through his camera lens.

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