VADA, True South African Fashion Slayage

28th July 2017 BY Lerato Chiyangwa

“There’s a huge market here especially for African millennial women who are buying more into brands and companies that are supporting the growth of our continent.” – Kamara Sivada.

Social media is playing a major part in a lot of brands being well known and their presence across different countries, and the brand I recently became acquainted with proves that.

“Social media has allowed us to connect with all types of women from different backgrounds and cities. It has also been key to our company’s growth. Local celebrities and fashion influencers are now aware of who we are and are very interested in the Vada brand. Social media has allowed our customers to visually witness the brand’s growth and how it has authentically evolved.” Kamara tells.

Now let me tell you about who I’m talking about…

Vada is an online South African female powerhouse that stocks curve accentuating statement pieces exclusively designed and made in South Africa. They focus on a woman’s shape and not necessarily a particular body type.

You can tell that they want their clothing cuts and fabric to embrace the female body that wears them and make all women feel feminine, glamorous and sexy. By doing this, they have pioneered millennial women to take control of their femininity, power, and ultimate worth. Thus gaining a large fan base with young girls proudly slaying in South African made styles!

Vada Model

Behind the brand is two amazing sisters, Bianca and Kamara, who decided to start Vada with one reason in mind, to make young women look and feel powerful from the inside and out.

“It was always a constant struggle to find dresses that made you stand out from the crowd and had a great fit on our body shapes,” Kamara explains.

“We noticed,” Kamara continues, “That most fashion retailers made clothing unaware of a woman’s shape in mind. We also saw that South Africa received out-dated clothes from the big retailers, which had a primary focus in the European and USA market. Vada thus began from a lack of clothing that put effort and focuses on how a woman should feel when wearing it.”

Vada’s primary focus is to contribute and grow in Africa for now. Expanding their product range and developing the company into a female powerhouse is their main project, and it’s inspiring.

“We aim for Vada to be the leading women’s wear e-tailer in South Africa as well as Africa. A retail store might follow, but our primary focus is to dominate the online world.” – Bianca Sivada

“We firmly believe that Vada is made for the ambitious women who wants to feel sexy and powerful simultaneously,” Bianca explains.

Finishing off, “She is a woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on all levels. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants.”

Vada Model

For those of you who are motivated and wondering how Vada is where it is now, check out the advice Bianca and Kamara have for other young aspiring African female fashionista entrepreneurs,

“Our advice is to do your research, know what you want and create a brand identity from it. We are only recently figuring out what we want for our brand through trial and error.

Don’t be in a rush, success takes time, be realistic and know that money shouldn’t only be your driving force to wake up in the morning – inspire others; make a difference in the world.

Read and never stop learning, soak up as much knowledge as possible. Business is not for the faint-hearted. It may be a long and challenging road but don’t take yourself and life too seriously. Pray and trust in God. Always remain humble and grateful.

You will have to sacrifice a lot, but Hard work pays off!”

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